Step 1: WA Planning Commission

Your first application in the approval process is to the WA Planning Commission. You’ll need copies of the relevant forms, which you can get from your local Council offices or the WA Planning Commission.

The WAPC will then distribute copies of your application to a range of authorities for 'Letters of Clearance'.

These authorities may include:
  • Local council
  • Water Authority
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Main Roads
  • Department of Health
  • Western Power
  • Alinta Gas
  • Department of Environment & Conservation
  • Telstra
  • Swan River Trust

The applications, including your plans, stay with the various authorities for 42 days, and should lead to approval. If any of these authorities has conditions to impose on their approval (something that you have to do on the block or agree to do, such as not build over an easement), then you may receive conditional approval.

Step 2: Plan or Diagram of Survey

Following approval of the subdivision, the next step is to submit a 'Plan / Diagram of Survey' – an accurate representation of the block and the planned dwellings, created by a licensed surveyor – must be created.

Step 3: DPI Approval

The Plan or Diagram of Survey must then be sent, along with the letters of clearance from all of the various authorities (you will need to collect these yourself), to the Department of Planning and Infrastructure.

Once the DPI check that all conditions have been met, they return the 'Plan' to Western Australian Planning Commission for endorsement.

Step 4: Landgate ‘Deposit’ plan

The endorsed Plan is returned to Landgate, who then place the Plan or Diagram of Survey (Deposited Plan) in order 'for dealings'.

Step 5: Titles

You can now apply to Landgate for new titles and/or transfers.  These will need to be lodged with Landgate for dealing and issued a dealing number.

Step 6: Shire approval

Once you have the titles lodged with Landgate and a dealing number assigned, you can apply to the local shire council for a building licence.

Now the fun part!     Preparing to Build

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