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Subdividing – know the facts!

Subdivide and conquer

February 17, 2015

Would you like to get more buck for your block? If you want to reduce your home loan, downsize or simply rent or sell unwanted land – it is possible. But it is a serious process and requires some research. A good place to start is the government website. You’ll need to know exactly what’s involved in a subdivision project. For Perth and WA, the Department of Planning in partnership with the WAPC (Western Australian Planning Commission) have put together the ins and outs of subdivision, with lots of information including, plans, policies and applications.

Perth Residential Developments

January 21, 2015

Keeping up to date with the residential development forecasts and property news is a wise move if you want to go into property development.

The power of property investment

January 15, 2015

Are you contemplating your financial future? With the capital growth of property in Perth rising at the same rate as the new retirement age, maybe it is time for you to start investing for the future. Whether you want to buy a new property, invest in a duplex or build a triplex, it’s time to get planning.

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